Hi, I'm Jacqui,

I'm here to save you from BOSS Syndrome and help you

thrive in life and business.

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I founded my first business at age twenty three and created a seven figure business servicing many of Australia’s most recognisable brands while sole parenting, building an investment portfolio and maintaining my health, fitness and friendships. 

I’ve mentored people and directed businesses to achieve success and balance. 

Now, I'd love to help you thrive in life and business.

How I can help your business thrive...

I recognise that many smaller businesses don't have the budget for a full time director or CEO but have a burning need for a mentor, sounding board, someone with experience to help define and achieve business goals, allowing them to focus their precious time and energy on the things they most love to do in their business.

By working with you and your business I can help you to own the business of your dreams without the massive overhead.

How I can help you thrive...

We are all individual and have our own struggles, both real and imagined.

As a sole parent building a business I've been ladened with guilt, suffered imposter syndrome, battled plenty of demons including my own limiting beliefs and... well, you name it, I've experienced it and through a little good luck and a lot of good management I not only survived, but thrived.

I'd like to help you lead the life you want while building the business of your dreams.

Are you suffering from BOSS Syndrome?

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Burned out?




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Free Resources - THRIVE in 5

This is the first in my Thrive in 5 series. Discover your personal core values using my 5 step Personal Core Values Journal. WHY AM I SHARING THIS? Recently I embarked on a non-creative career role looking for growth and learning. I was stimulated and challenged but quickly became desperately unhappy and didn’t realise why until I established my core values and the priority and importance they had in my life. I found that while growth is one of my core values, creativity is a higher priority for me and without creativity I was unfulfilled and my growth was in fact stifled. When I established my core values, (I engaged the help of a mentor for this) a light went on in my being. Suddenly I knew why sometimes I felt happy and fulfilled and other times I felt empty, sad and floundering. Sometimes I was in my ‘flow' and absolutely unstoppable and other times I would be stuck, watching the minutes tick by until wine o’clock. WHAT ARE CORE VALUES? Our values are at the heart of our being. They make us unique and highlight what we stand for. They guide our behaviour and represent our personal code of conduct. When we honour our core values, we experience happiness, motivation and fulfilment and everyone around me benefits. When we don’t we start behaving in ways that are incongruent or unnatural in order to find a moment in our happy place. A QUESTION FOR YOU ... Are you aligned with your core values? Do you know what your core values are? WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MORE AWARE AND ALIGNED WITH YOUR CORE VALUES? To help you I’ve created a 5 step Personal Core Values Journal that’s easy to follow and will help you discover your uniqueness. Enter your email address below and allow me 24 hours to send you your personal core values journal. WARNING This can be a challenging process but I promise it will be rewarding too. Be patient, be honest and be determined.


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